An educational media device was designed on DE1-SoC board. The educational media device is aimed on teaching counting from one to ten to kinder garden kids. The main aim behind development of this project is to understand the decoding of WAV audio files and produce an audio output on WM8731 audio codec. The project also focused on use of ARM A9 Private timers, LT24 display, 7-segment displays, Interrupts and push buttons on embedded application development. It focuses on showcasing various programming techniques using C on embedded boards and optimize them using DS-5. The educational media device was designed, developed, and tested for any potential bugs.  

Skills Learnt : ARM Bare-bone driver development, ARM Cortex A9 Application Development, testing and debugging.

Software used: ARM DS-5 Professional

Boards used : DE1-SoC ( DE1-SoC is a hardware design platform with Cyclone V SoC and embedded ARM A9 processor. )

Git – arul2810/Educational_Media_Device (

Note: This project is part of coursework for University of Leeds

Detailed Report – Project Technical Report –EducationalMediaDevice-SamathuvamaniArulPrakash

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